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She stays true to Her course

Wabash College was recently, once again, been rated a “Best Value College” and one of the “Best in the Midwest” by the Princeton Review. We hear about these rankings a few times each year undoubtedly and often remember them being part of our own college decision as high school juniors and seniors. In just a few short months we will be 8 years removed from ’05’s commencement weekends. For the first time in a few years I took a few minutes this morning to read through the actual review. The link is below and here are a few nuggets I enjoyed reading and knowing that  Dear Old Wabash is still very much a cut above the rest.

“Weeknights at Wabash are all about academics, while weekends are filled with parties.”

“The school can afford to distribute aid generously. Admissions are based on academic ability, not ability to pay.”

“Students appreciate that Wabash has “the best academic atmosphere of any place that I visited for college” and “the best professors in the nation,” a sentiment aired repeatedly by alumni.”

The whole review can be found here: http://www.wabash.edu/news/docs/wabash_col.pdf




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