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“done, now leave me alone”*

the deadline to make a contribution to Wabash’s Annual Fund is approaching quickly (June 30th!)

best way to get off those phone call lists and e-mail lists and mailing lists?

go here: http://www.wabash.edu/alumni/annualgiving

do it.

*actual reply from a fellow class-mate*


“when college days are past”

This past weekend the 174th Commencement Ceremony of Wabash College took place under blue skies on the College Mall.

187 young men entered into the National Association of Wabash Men as proud and honored alumni.

They will each move in different directions across the world after spending their previous 4 years as students and a class unit.

As they turn to the next chapter of their lives may each Man continue to remember the College fondly – “long in our hearts, we’ll bear the sweetest memories of thee…long shall we sing thy praises, Old Wabash!”

Now, sing along with me….

From the hills of Maine to the western plain, or where the cotton is blowing;
From the gloomy shade of the northern pine, to the light of the southern seas;
There’s a name held dear and a color we cheer wherever we find it glowing;
And the tears will rise to our longing eyes as it floats on the evening breeze.

When the day is done and the western sun is painting in flashing glory;
Across the skies with gorgeous dyes the color we love so well;
We love to sit as the shadows flit and praise it in song and story;
We love to shout as the light dies out a good Old Wabash yell.

Our prayers are always thine, our voices and hearts combine,
To sing thy praise when future days shall bring thy name before us.
When college days are past, as long as life shall last,
Our greatest joy will be to shout the chorus.

Dear Old Wabash, thy loyal sons shall ever love thee,
And o’er thy classic halls, the Scarlet flag shall proudly flash.
Long in our hearts, we’ll bear the sweetest mem’ries of thee,
Long shall we sing thy praises, Old Wabash!




Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Our Spring Newsletter has been released – chock full of classmate updates, campus news and Annual Fund info:



Wallies can run faster, throw farther, and jump higher!

The Wabash Track & Field team recently brought back their 2nd consecutive title!

While they were busy setting yet another conference meet record they also nearly doubled the second-place team’s points (and for good measure, more than 6 times the points of lowly Depauw Swallows).


Wabash Athletics continuing to excel against their NCAC competition!


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