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“The Catch, part 2”

For those that didn’t catch the news that Wabash upended North Central on Saturday afternoon here is a quick highlight reel from the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB3uz7hdsm0

Arguably the biggest play since “The Catch” back in 2001 was this ‘miraculous’ 2-pt conversion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcBUq27_FJc&feature=youtu.be

Little Giant football returns to Alliance, OH to play the Mount Union Raiders: http://sports.wabash.edu/news/2011/11/27/FB_1127111843.aspx?path=football

There you go. Consider yourselves updated.

Wabash Always Fights! (especially when trailing 21-0 at halftime of the 2nd round playoff game!)


t’was Thanksgiving Eve’s Eve

Hello friends:

As we embark on another Thanksgiving holiday may we each take some time to think about what we’re thankful for. Loving family, supportive friends, health, a secure job…just to name a few. Take the time to make sure to say ‘Thank You’ to those that you’re thankful for this year!

Now – what about Wabash College? Do you attribute any of your successes post-college to the education you received at Wabash? Are you thankful for your time spent at the College? For the efforts made by your faculty, the aid you may have received, the friendships and relationships that you began, the career advice you sought? If so, take a quick moment to show your thanks (http://www.wabash.edu/alumni/annualgiving).

“Alumni go on to become high achievers and contributors to society at a rate that puts very selective and famous colleges to shame.” — Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope

Here’s to a safe, enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday to all the Class of 2005 Alumni!

FOOTBALL update: Following the football team’s victory in round 1 of the D3 Playoffs against Illinois College last Saturday, they will now host North Central College @ Hollett Little Giant Stadium at Noon this coming Saturday, November 26th. If you can make it to Crawfordsville, tickets will be available at the stadium. For those of us that will be busy with the continuation of the Thanksgiving holiday with in-laws that day, like me, the game will be available online: Live stats, radio, and an internet video broadcast (http://sports.wabash.edu/video/hometown).

CROSS-COUNTRY updateKevin McCarthy finished sixth at Saturday’s NCAA Division III National Championship Men’s Cross Country Race with a school-record time of 24:15. He and his Wabash College teammates finished 16th overall.

BASKETBALL update: The team has started the season 2-0 with victories over St. Francis and Calumet College-St. Joseph. the Little Giant basketball squad was picked to finish 4th in the pre-season NCAC Coaches’ poll. For the first time in 30+ years, Mac Petty is not on the sideline. But Antoine Carpenter, ’00 is!

#BellWeek #wabashalwaysfights

It’s Bell Week 2011!!

Last year’s 47-0 stomping of DPU still echoes around the campus as the Bell rings daily this week. This year’s match-up in Greencastle features the #9-ranked and undefeated Little Giants already securing the NCAC Championship and an automatic playoff bid. The lowly Tigers limp into this game with a 4-4 record and probably very little desire to have to play Wabash again.

If you can’t make it to one of the Telecast Parties (http://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=202135986251814791942.0004abcf176ff1d11774d&msa=0&ll=35.209722,-95.185547&spn=26.943741,46.186523) you can catch the broadcast on the HDNet channel (http://www.hd.net/) nearly anywhere there is a cable outlet.

If you have a ticket and are gonna BellGate, here is some handy information on all of DPU’s rules, regulations and general silliness regarding their tailgating experience: http://www.depauw.edu/ath/football/monon/2011%20Monon%20Bell%20Fan%20Information.pdf

“DePauw to Hell, We got the Bell!”

Wabash Always Fights,


P.S. On Twitter? @depauwswallows is thoroughly enjoying Bell Week festivities


through 4 months, where do YOU stand?

It’s nice that we don’t have to rhetorically ask, “have you made a gift to Wabash College yet this year?” After all it is public knowledge – right here: http://www.wabash.edu/alumni/honorroll

So we’ll rhetorically ask, “is your name on the list?” Through 4 months of the College’s fiscal year, 94% of you would have to answer ‘NO.’

If you’ve heard it before, we’ll tell ya again: any size donation is worthwhile! Do it.

Don’t wanna hear about it from us? Below is an excerpt from Wabash’s Annual Giving web page. If you are reading this, take 2-1/2 minutes and go make a quick donation @ http://www.wabash.edu/alumni/annualgiving. Do it. Plus, think of 8 months of freedom from mailings, e-mails, phone calls, etc from the College, Class Agents, etc asking you to ‘Stand Tall’…talk about sweet relief!

Wabash Always Fights,


Annual Fund gifts from alumni and friends are central to Wabash students and the College’s mission of educating men to Think critically, Act responsibly, Lead effectively, and Live humanely.
Here are a few examples of how annual gifts impact Wabash men and help them grow TALL.
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid. What it costs to educate each Wabash student is about half of what the College charges for tuition. Students can take advantage of numerous merit-based scholarships like the Top 10 or Top 20 scholarship programs — where awards range from $10,000 to $17,500 per year. Annual Fund support contributes to scholarships and need-based financial aid, and makes the Wabash experience affordable for students who might not be able to attend the College without some type of assistance.
  • Teaching & Learning. Wabash is able to maintain a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of 13 students. In this rigorous academic environment, students are engaged with some of the finest teachers in the world.
  • Immersion Learning Courses. Wabash remains committed to Immersion Learning Courses that take students off-campus — and outside their comfort zones — for up close and personal learning experiences with faculty every step of the way. Annual Fund gifts support these initiatives that provide life-changing experiences for current students. 
  • Student Life. Technology,  advising, counseling, academic support, internships, athletics, and co-curricular opportunities — the list is endless in the far-reaching impact of Annual Fund support on student life.
Current students who walk the Wabash campus live out the College’s mission statement each day. You can help them on their Wabash journey. You can help them Think critically, Act responsibly, Lead effectively, and Live humanely.

Readyyyyy, GO! http://www.wabash.edu/alumni/annualgiving


are you going to the 118th version of the Monon Bell game in less than 2 weeks? if so, check out the note below asking all fans in attendance to wear white for a Wabash College White-Out!

Wabash White Out
Saturday, November 12, 2011
The Wabash football team, who will wear their traditional white traveling uniform for the Bell game, has asked the Student Government for their support in promoting a Wabash White Out at DePauw.  As you can imagine, the Student Government has given the team their full support.
The students are asking all alumni, parents, and friends to join in.  Bring something white to wear in the stadium as a sign of solidarity and support.
For Your Information:
1.  Parking lots at the DePauw stadium open at 9:00 AM – cost is $5 per vehicle.
2.  Gates to the stadium open at 11:30 AM.  Once you’re in the stadium, there’s no re-entry without an additional ticket.
3.  Game starts at 1:07 PM.
To order Bell Game tickets on-line, click here.
Can’t make it to the game in person?  See all the telecast sites here.

Wabash Always Fights!

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