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118th Monon Bell countdown: 24 days!!

Have you made your plans yet?


If you’re going to the game be sure to get your tickets before the game is sold out:


Can’t make it to Greencastle? With over 40+ Monon Bell Telecasts already planned hopefully there is a gathering near you:




What a blessing it is to bring a child into the world. Over the past two months 3 of our fellow classmates have experienced that joy (that we are aware of at this time):

  • Evan Schmit and his wife Lindsay welcomed a baby boy, Ethan David Schmit on October 4th, 2011.  Evan has been able to take a couple weeks off work to help his wife at home and enjoy getting  accustomed to life with a newborn!
  • John Rose and wife Clare welcomed a baby boy, James Loren Rose on September 14th, 2011. John and Clare live out in Princeton, NJ.
  • For the trifecta, Michael Ruffing and his wife Leslie  just celebrated their daughter’s 2-month birthday during her Baptism this past Sunday.Luciana McCarthy Ruffing was born back on August 16th, 2011 in Chicago.

Do you have new children to tell us about? Did you just get engaged or married?? Did you just pass an exam, earn a new degree, receive an award??? Feel free to brag – send us a message below and we’ll spread the word!



will you be @ W.A.B.A.S.H. Day??

W.A.B.A.S.H. Day
Wabash Alumni Benefiting And Serving Humanity
 October 15th, 2011
To see the 2011 WABASH Day projects, click here.
Wabash alumni all over the Unites States will be joining together to perform service projects in their local communities. Choosing a weekend gives the local groups the option to pick the day which works best for the group.
The following locations and project leaders have been identified for 2011:
–  Atlanta, GA – Ross Dillard ’07
–  Austin, TX – Jim Braddock ’73
–  Avon, IN (IAWM) – Jim Kerr ’92 and Dave Jackson 87
–  Chicago, IL – Joe Martin ’06
–  Crawfordsville, IN – Jim Amidon ’87 and Herm Haffner ’77
–  Dallas, TX – Patrick Craine ’94
–  Denver, CO – John Panozzo ’89
–  Detroit, MI – Terry Hamilton ’89
–  Evansville, IN – Thom Liffick ’73
–  Grand Rapids, MI – Kenyatta Brame ’92
–  Hancock County, IN (IAWM) – Kyle McClammer ’08
–  Houston, TX – Kenny Coggins ’11
–  Indianapolis, IN – Jon Pactor ’71
–  Kansas City, KS – Michael Cummings ’86
–  Knoxville, TN – Mike Butler ’93
–  Lafayette, IN – Drew Weintraut ’07
–  Madison, WI – Matt Ripley ’06
–  Milwaukee, WI – Jordan Boomer ’04
–  Minneapolis, MN – Charlie Crowley ’70
–  Noblesville, IN (IAWM) – Greg Estell ’85
–  Northwest IN – Scott McEuen ’83 and Chuck McCarroll ’86
–  Phoenix, AZ – Mike Rapier ’87 and Luke Odom ’08
–  Pittsburgh, PA – Eriks Janelsins ’02
–  San Francisco, CA – Khurram Tahir ’01 and Jeff Rice ’00
–  St. Louis, MO – Jim Dyer ’83
–  South Bend/Mishawaka, IN – Peter Horvath ’92
–  Washington, DC – Josh Bellis ’08 and Sean Clerget ’09
–  Westfield, IN (IAWM) – Rob Paugh ’92
–  Zionsville, IN (IAWM) – Steve Badger ’87 and Scott Benedict ’98
To see the 2011 WABASH Day projects, click here.

Class of ’05 Honored at Homecoming Class Agent Banquet!

Did you know that your Class Agents of the Class of 2005 were honored with the R. Robert Mitchum Award this past weekend during the Homecoming festivities?

Read all about it here! http://www.wabash.edu/news/displaystory.cfm?news_ID=9177

 In the meantime, is your name on this list?

Class of 2005 
Eric Bright
John Dustman
Drew McCoy
Brock Medsker
Dane Musil
Joey Olson
Michael Ruffing
Jason Sprague
Milton Turner

If not, go here and make a quick donation. As you can see, dollar figures are not shown, only names!! Do it. http://www.wabash.edu/alumni/annualgiving



new Blog address!

As you can see if you’re reading this, we’ve moved! This is the new and improved location for the Wabash College Class of 2005’s blog.

You can still check out the old stuff over at http://oh-five-wallies.blogspot.com/ for a few more days while we transfer that content over here.

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